Babu Backed Down Due To Fear Of Cases

Ananthapuram: YSRCP leaders slammed Babu for backing down on special status for AP. MLA Y.Visweswar Reddy confronted Chandrababu about this during his speech to the media at Ananthapuram. He blamed TDP and BJP for deceiving people in the name of special status. He called for making the dharna planned by YSRCP at district collectorates a success.

Former MP Anantha Venkatrami Reddy also criticised that Chandrababu had backed down on special status to protect his corrupt money. He complained that Chandrababu had mortgaged the benefits of the people of the state due to his fear of having to face inquiry on his unlawful activities.
Former MLA Gurnatha Reddy suggested that the everybody should support the special status bill introduced by Congress MP KVP Ramachandra Rao in Rajyasabha irrespective of their political parties. He remarked that the state had absolutely no benefit from TDP-BJP alliance.

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