Babu Is Another Rutherford

  • CID notices are proof of Babu's tyranny
  • Promises made to Kapu community were ignored
  • We are not scared of Babu's threats
  • Bhumana speaks to media after CID inquiry
Guntur: YSRCP's state general secretary Bhumana Karunakar Reddy stated that there was conspiracy behind the CID inquiry ordered on him. Mentioning his receiving CID notices as an illustration of Chandrababu's tyranny, he remarked that Babu was behaving like Rutherford in the matter of Kapu community. He reminded that Chandrababu had promised to join the community in BC category at the time of elections and to make their lives better and got into power with the community's support.
After facing the CID inquiry in Guntur, Bhumana spoke to the media. He stated that Mudragada Padmanabham had started the struggle in order to benefit Kapu community and that they had supported his struggle in order to make sure the promises made to the community at the time of elections came true. He specified that YSRCP would continue to support the case further too. He also remarked that he would not be scared of Chandrababu's undemocratic tactics.
Bhumana commented that Chandrababu was acting like Rutherford and suppressing Kapu community. He complained that Babu was trying to defame YSRCP president YS Jagan for being supportive of Kapu community. He mentioned that he had come to attend the CID inquiry out of respect for the legal system and with a hope that justice would be done. Stating that he was asked to come again the next day, Bhumana declared that he would not be scared of Babu's conspiracies.
The police showed over-enthusiasm at the time of conducting inquiry with Bhumana. They ordered the YSRCP MLAs standing on the other side of the road to vacate the area. MLA Chevireddy expressed fury towards this, saying they had not entered the premises of the CID office. He questioned how people could be asked to not stand in a public place in the democratic system. He suggested that Bhumana was not guilty and slammed the Government's atrocious behaviour.
Chevireddy commented that Chandrababu was dong more and more misdeeds to cover his misdeeds. He expressed doubt that the destruction done on that day was caused by the Government, citing the Government's indifference to YS Jagan's plea for CBI inquiry on the arson. He declared that any harm caused to Bhumana would not be accepted. Chevireddy also remarked that the Government was degrading the level of the police.
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