Attempts To Distract Hunger Strike

Visakhapatnam: The Government of AP has exhibited its cunning nature yet again. The hunger strike being held by YSRCP district president of Visakhapatnam, Gudiwada Amarnath in view of attaining special railway zone for Visakhapatnam was tried to be disturbed with the help of the police. The leader was forced to join the hospital in spite of his denial to be treated. Amarnath declared that he would continue his strike at the hospital.

Huge number of people's organisations, leaders and followers of YSRCP reached the camp on Sunday. Everybody was rejoiced to know that the leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan would come there on the 20th of this month. Everyone got ready to rest at10 pm. At once, hundreds of police personnel in uniforms and in civil clothes surrounded the place. Before people could realise what was going on, Amarnath was atrociously dragged away. He was thrown into the ambulance that was already there. He was then taken to King George Hospital (KGH) and put in IRCU.

People of North Andhra region are opposing the Government's behaviour. They are condemning its dictatorship and silence towards the special railway zone.

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