Attainment Of Special Status Is The Aim

  • Agitation on Tuesday with special status as aim
  • YS Jagan to participate in the dharna near the collectorate at Kakinada
  • General Secretary Vijaya Sai Reddy examines the arrangements

Kakinada: General Secretary of YSRCP,  Vijaya Sai Reddy opined that YSRCP was the only party fighting to protect the benefits of the people of the state. He suggested that if CM Chandrababu had any commitment towards the attainment of special status, he had to take an all-party team to Delhi and bring pressure on the Prime Minister.
It is already known that YSRCP had decided to conduct protests on the 10th of this month near all the district collectorates in the state in view of accomplishing special status. As part of this, the leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan will lead the agitation at Kakinada of East Godavari district. In light of this, Vijaya Sai Reddy reached Kakinada on Sunday along with MLA Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy to supervise the arrangements.
They discussed the arrangements with district party president Kurasala Kannababu, ex MLA Dwarampudi Chandrasekhar Reddy, party city coordinator Muttha Sasidhar, state official spokesman Chelluboina Venu and city president Ragireddy Fruiti kumar. Vijaya Sai Reddy spoke to the media at the collectorate on this occasion.

Only YSRCP is on the track of fight

Vijaya Sai Reddy mentioned that the whole state knew that YSRCP as the principal opposition party in the state, had always played its part with commitment. He reminded how YSRCP president YS Jagan had staged protest in Delhi as well as indefinite hunger strike at Guntur for the sake of the people of the state. He ridiculed Chandrababu for forgetting this fact in spite of people's remembering it. He confided that his party would always stand by the people till special status was achieved. Vijaya Sai Reddy criticised that BJP at the centre and TDP in the state had miserably failed in getting the state its special status.
He confronted Chandrababu by asking if he was unaware of the fact that the state could develop like Tamilnadu and Gujarat only if special status was given. He mentioned that it was unfair of cabinet minister Venkaiah Naidu to shift the gears now, having been the person who had demanded that the period of special status had to be 15 years and not 5 at the time of acceptance of the bill for the state's bifurcation in the parliament.

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