Attack On MLA Chand Basha’s Car – The Case Sees No Step Forward

Ananthapuram: The case of attack of MLA Chand Basha’s vehicle is seeing no
progress. Though it has been almost 24 hours since it was reported to the
police, the criminals have not been identified. It is word of the mouth that
the police are not able to function properly due to pressure from external
sources. The vehicle of YSR Congress Party MLA of Kadiri constituency in
Ananthapuram district Chand Basha has been attacked by unidentified assailants.
They created destruction during the Urusu festival at Talupula on Monday. Glasses
of Chand Basha’s car broke in this assault.

Chand Basha mentioned that
the attack on his car was an awkward act. He challenged the assailants to come
forth and face him if they dared and condemned the covert act. He described
this as an act out of jealousy towards the affection he and his party were
earning from the people. Chand Basha also slammed the tyrannical rule existent
in the state. He informed that he had filed a complaint in the police station
of Talupula. He cautioned that he would hold a huge protest if the assailants
were not arrested within 24 hours. The indifference exhibited by the police
towards the incident and the lodged complaint is raising eyebrows.

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