Are You Ready For Inquiry: Kavati

Guntur: Pedakurapadu constituency's coordinator of YSRCP, Kavati Manohar Naidu questioned MLA Kommalapati Sridhar about his pushing aside regulations in the issue of lands pertaining to Sadavarthi choultry of Amaravathi, He demanded to know the truth behind Kommalapati's writing a letter about the lands being in the verge of unlawful occupation and his intention to buy the lands and spend them for the development of the temple. He challenged Kommalapati to get ready for inquiry in the matter by senior sitting judge or retired judge if he was clean. He spoke to the media at the partys office in Guntur.

Kavati complained that TDP had appointed EO Nallakaluva Srinivasa Reddy to rob lands in a planned manner after coming into power. He informed that the fact finding committee appointed by YSRCP had examined under the leadershipof Dharmana Prasada Rao, the 83 acres of land in Chennai that belonged to Sadavarthi choultry. He stated that they had performed inquiries with the local people and representatives of the media. He mentioned that it was evident that it was clearly an unlawful purchase. Kavati reminded that Tamil Nadu Government had mentioned the value of those lands as Rs.6.5 crore per acre. He stated that permission from the High Court or calling for tenders were necessary to sell endowments lands, but the TDP leaders had ignored this and bought the lands for a price as meagre as Rs.28 lakh per acre.

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