AP tops in atrocities on women

Hyderabad : Reiterating that the Andhra Pradesh has achieved the dubious distinction of topping the list of atrocities on women, YSR Congress has said that even a simple inquiry would put TDP leadership behind the bars on the issue.

Speaking to reporters here on Thursday, party spokesperson Vasireddy Padma said, Guntur district has witnessed nearly 10-20 incidents of assaults on women during the past one month and the Dachepalli incident in which a nine-year old was brutally raped by a old man shows that the ruling TDP has failed on the law and order front.

We condemn the Dachepalli incident our Party has sent a fact finding team recently in Macherla constituency where a woman was brutally tortured.

The state tops the list in atrocities on women and a recent survey report has mentioned that five TDP leaders were facing cases of atrocities on women and two of them are in the cabinet.

In Vijayawada, the call money sex racket broke out but no action was taken, when the Whip attacked a women officer, no action was taken and the leadership has never responded properly. There have been growing attacks on even minors which is gruesome and state has been insensitive, she said.

The cabinet meetings seem to be discussing only the allotment of lands to the favoured few or for taking decisions that would benefit the coterie and people welfare issues hardly were discussed, she said.  

Not once was a decision that would benefit the women seems to have been taken and the government has been anti-women in word and deeds, she said. 
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