AP reeling under turmoil over Cong decision

YSRCP honourary president Smt.Y.S. Vijayamma addressing party leaders and activists at the party central office in Hyderabad after hoisting the national flag on the eve of the 67th Independence Day on Thursday.

August 15, 2013: Affirming that the State is wading through stormy issues in wake of
the Centre’s unilateral and authoritarian decision of bifurcation, YSR Congress
Honorary President YS Vijayamma has said Delhi should maintain status quo if it
cannot do justice to all regions in the name of division.

party cadre after unfurling the tri-colour at the party headquarters here on Thursday, she siad: “ we are not against the creation of
separate Telangana, but other regions should not be affected by the exercise
and the Centre has failed to address the far reaching consequences arising out
of the division.”

has not taking all stake holders into consideration before announcing the
decision and it did not discuss the modalities of division which would be
agreeable to all regions. Its motive is purely political and the arithmetic is
only on votes and seats and not on the contentious issues like river water
sharing, capital city and other such topics,” she said.

of playing the role of a father and giving equal share to the children while
parting ways, the Centre has taken sides by pampering one region and sidelining
the other. This gross injustice will be fought tooth and nail and an indefinite
fast will be taken up at Vijayawada from August 19 to
maintain status quo if justice cannot be done to all regions.

N Chandrababu Naidu responsible for the crisis, she said it was the TDP leader
who has given his consent like a blank cheque which has enabled the Centre to
take such unilateral decision.

YSR governance, she said, “YSR has treated all the regions equally and had done
justice to all parts. His welfare schemes reached to the poor of all the regions
and projects have
come up in all the regions. He believed in balancing welfare and development
and advocated for a balanced regional development.”

has changed now with all his welfare schemes being shelved or punctured and
Congress whipping regional passions. Taking decisions before elections for the
sake of political gains has created chaos in the state and I appeal to the
people to stand up for the cause and fight for justice.

do not find one good reason to vote for Congress as the party has hiked power
tariff, increased bus fares and has taken many anti-people decisions while the
welfare schemes like Aarogyasri, free power to farmers, fees reimbursement and
Jalayagnam were watered down. 

TDP has played into the hands of Congress, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy who is the lone
voice of protest was undemocratically arrested and kept away from the people.
Even during British rule there was no such oppression.

spirit of independence which is result of a protracted freedom struggle should
be safeguarded and good days are ahead, she said. 

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