Ap Government neglecting farming

Rajahmundry: The YSRCP Farmers Association President,
Nagi Reddy fired on Naidu for neglecting the farmers. He expressed his grief
that the Godavari delta is moving towards crisis and stated thst the Kharif
production went down to 50 lakhs from 80 lakhs.

Reddy mentioned that if Polavaram is not in place then the situation turns in a
way that not even one acre could get the proper water facility in Kharif. Naidu
is not in touch with the farmer groups and the Swaminathan committee is not yet
in place, stated Reddy. He said that there was a worst situation prevailed in
2009 but, the former leader Rajasekhar Reddy quickly took right action in such
a way that not even on acre of farm dried up. Similarly, why can't Naidu take
right action? questioned Nagi Reddy. 

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