AP Bandh Observed Successfully

The state bandh called for by YSRCP president YS Jagan was held successfully throughout AP. People voluntarily participated in the bandh and expressed their solidarity. They had their voice heard regarding the demand for special status through the bandh called for by YSRCP. They expressed their strong desire for special status. Still TDP Government is mortgaging the demand on the streets of Delhi for its selfish benefits, resulting in the indifference by the central Government towards the issue. Ultimately the people of the state are at loss.

As a responsible opposition party, YSRCP has always been acting in accordance with the people's intentions and hopes. It called for state bandh in protest against the centre's indication that special status would not be granted to the state. The bandh was observed throughout the state, irrespective of the intervention and resistance offered by the police due to TDP leaders' instructions. YSRCP leaders, activists as well as people took the blows of the police lathi but did not step back. they stood on the roads with bleeding injuries and made the state bandh a success.

YS Jagan called for the bandh in the first place as he knew that the Government would show indifference to the people's cause. So people voluntarily took part. Leaders and activists of the party came on to the roads early in the morning and started staging agitation. With the successful implementation of teh bandh, YSRCP triumphed in taking the people's voice to the notice of the centre.

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