Anti-Constitutional Rule of TDP

  • The Government
    has no respect for the legislature, the judiciary or the people
  • TDP’s
    arrogance has been growing since it came to power – Rachamallu

 Hyderabad: YSRCP MLA
Rachamallu Siva Prasad Reddy commented that the arrogance of TDP had been
growing since it had come to power. He proclaimed that suspending Roja for a
year against the rules and defying court’s orders cancelling her suspension were
clearly anti-constitutional. He reminded that the court had declared that the
suspension was unlawful when MLA Roja had approached it for justice.

opined that the Government should bend its head down with guilt when the court
stated it was worried about what was happening in the state. He added that the
High Court took up Roja’s petition upon the Supreme Court’s orders and decided
that her suspension was anti-constitutional and void. He stated that the
Government’s defiance of court’s orders was only disrespecting the court.

Rachamallu requested the Government and all
the members of legislative assembly to respect the court, the constitution and
the women. He demanded to know why Roja was not being allowed into the
assembly. He questioned if the Government was afraid to face her questions
regarding anti-people ways of the Government or annoyed at her for leaving
their party. He asked if it was worried that she would expose their dark
secrets. He questioned why the Government had resentment towards a woman MLA.

Rachamallu complained that YSRCP MLAs had
been lured and bought by TDP Government. He commented that the Government did
not have respect for the legislature, the judiciary or the people. He
criticized that it did not have commitment towards fulfilling the promises it
had made. Rachamallu slammed the Government for being more interested in
protecting their party MLAs and activists, robbing and employing the robbed
money for unjust politics. He cautioned that people were watching the
Government’s anti-constitutional behaviour, defiance to judicial system and
violation of the rules of the assembly. He confided that people would soon
teach TDP a lesson.

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