Announcements differ from Decisions

1.Chandrababu is master of camouflage; the events of the Capital are proof of it. When a debate comes up on State Capital the dialogue that comes out of his mouth is that the state separation has happened completely unilaterally without taking consent of anyone (This is told when he is Andhra Pradesh but in Telangana he says that he was the first person to write a letter to separate the states and brags that all the credit of state separation goes to him). This same person, while constructing the state capital which is the future of the state, did not consult any political party and did not hold an ‘All Party meet’. He did not collect the opinions & views of political parties, experts, journalists, public groups & voluntary organizations. He declared the capital completely on his sole decision.

2.When Hyderabad is lost the Andhra Pradesh state faced problems because all development in the combined states was completely concentrated in Hyderabad. So, he said that he will concentrate on all-round development of the state along with the argument of few others. But now he is diverting complete development to Amaravati alone ignoring his all-round development idea doing the same mistake again. What is his intention of doing this?

3. The ruling leaders who were boasting that they were building such a big capital have abandoned transparency. Why are they giving away everything to Singapore companies in Swiss Challenge method and not following the system of inviting tenders? What is the mystery behind giving away works to the companies as they desire and what is the secret behind the ministers handling the complete transactions with those companies?

4. In the state separation act it was clearly mentioned that the Central Government will bear all the costs of constructing a new capital, for this Rs.1850 crores were released. Then, what is the reason for putting aside the Central Government and giving the construction works to Singapore Companies? What is the reason for not utilizing the Central funds?

5. What is the intention in not inviting the opposition parties for consulting in taking critical decisions on Capital construction in the beginning? And what is the purport of behaving hasty in inviting them now for foundation ceremony? Is this not your anxiousness to get an agreement from all of them for your corruptive intentions?That is the reason why the opposition leader Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy is questioning on behalf of people and staying away from the foundation ceremony.
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