Amravati A "Bramaravati" ( Mirage) for AP People & Farmers

Chandrababu Naidu boasted the new capital - Amaravathi will be the world's best livable city equipped with state of the art facilities for the dwellers. Practically, Amaravati  remained a 'Bramaravati'  ( Mirage) for all including the farmers who gave up their costly lands for the construction of the capital three years ago.  

The glossy designs prepared by Chandrababu for Amaravati were still on the papers. The benefits announced for the displaced farmers did not move even an inch forward . As a result, farmers were facing hardships for livelihoods ever since the government taken over their lands.  

During YSR Congress party President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy's visit to the areas,  farmers poured out their woes.  They  said government cheated them with false promises. Agriculture labourers told YS Jagan that they lost daily works after the farming activity was stopped in the capital region.  Some of the farmers said government also took away assigned lands forcefully from them and threatened to book cases if they did not obey the orders.  

Chandrababu also made the promise of free education from KG to PG to all displaced farmers children. No such measures were also taken so far.  YS Jagan already exposed the TDP government's failure and the role of Chandrababu as Realty broker in the capital region .  With the failure of the government, the capital city has been branded as TDP's capital and not people's capital.        

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