Ambati slams Chandrababu's irrigation claims

Not rivers but funds..Interlinked!

Hyderabad: The YSRCP Spokesperson Ambati Rambabu enraged on Chandrababu, he said that shamelessly Chandrababu is claiming the schemes introduced by Great Leader Y.S.Rajsekhar Reddy, as his own achievements. He said that YSR strived a lot to complete the Totapalli Project. Ambati Rambabu criticized that Chandrababu has no history of completing water projects for agriculture. He sardonically said that Chandrababu is No.1 in marketing himself. The TDP is boasting that river amalgamation has been done, it is not interlinking of rivers but interlinking of funds to TDP Office which happened.

He fired on Chandrababu that he kept aside Polavaram and gave prominence to Pattiseema eying for commissions. He criticized that it is the greatness of Chandrababu who dedicated the project to Nation without ‘Motor Pumps’. Ambati was furious on TDP leaders who are bluffing that from Tatipudi water is brought and given to Rayalaseema  people, even before completion of Pattiseema project. He advised Chandrababu to do whatever he wishes to do for the people but not cheat the people.
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