Along the steps of Jagan

YSRCP MLA RK.Roja commented that there is no use of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi coming to the state, for the inaugural function of laying the foundation stone for the new capital as no points which were useful were even spoken about. He did not speak about revenue deficit or even Polavaram projects. He did not tell when it would be completed. The Northern part of Rayalaseema region, is backward and there is no capital, nor there were industries. These areas neither have a special status, nor even the special package which the Ministers were advertising along with Naidu, since long.

When Jagan has protested the present government on behalf of the people by his hunger strike, for the special status, the yellow media purposefully degraded and highlighted the actions of Chandrababu Naidu in a positive way which is ready to deceive the people and State as  a whole, commented Roja.  She mentioned that, if everyone is along with him, it will strengthen the struggle and then only special status can be achieved. When everyone follows the footsteps of Jagan, the State will prosper, industries will be developed, employment opportunities can increase and the Polavaram project can also be completed, said Roja.    


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