All The Time Spent On Buying MLAs

Kadapa : YSRCP MP Mithun Reddy and MLA Amzad Basha opined that Chandrababu's Goverment was spending more time on buying MLAs of the opposition party than on satisfying people's needs. They complained that the Goverment had not allotted funds for the canal work of Galeru-Nagari that was capable of providing drinking water and irrigation water for Rayalaseema. Mithun Reddy and Amzad Basha spoke to the media at Kadapa on Sunday. Mithun Reddy remarked that Chandrababu had neglected service to the people. He criticised Babu for buying MPs from YSRCP. Amzad Basha mentioned that development of minority classes in the state had happened only under the rule of Dr.YSR.

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