All Students Should Unite For Special Status

Nellore: Bifurcation of the state of AP was done behind closed doors of the parliament, with no permission for even the media. Prominent lawyer Ram Reddy stated the atrocious conditions under which the state had been divided. He spoke on the dais of Yuvabheri held at Kasturi Devi Gardens of Nellore. Here is what he spoke.

  • The parties have not read even a page of Sri Krishna committee's report.
  • All the students should unite and achieve special status.
  • Every citizen from AP has the responsibility of fighting relentlessly for special status under the leadership of YS Jagan.
  • No CM has ever gone on as many foreign trips as Chandrababu.
  • Chandrababu will not hesitate to even go to Pakistan if he sees chance of earning investments there.
  • Poor students are unable to get their scholarships.

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