Agri workers meet Sharmila, list out problems

Anantapuram, Oct 29,
2012: Hundreds of agricultural labourers met Sharmila and listed out their
sufferings to her during the11th day of her Maro Praja Prasthanam on

Soon after Sharmila
began the Padayatra from Chigicherla, agricultural labourers of Uppulesuni
Palle and Palwai, with most of them crossing the age of 60, met Sharmila and narrated
their suffering.

“There is neither power
nor irrigation or drinking water with no works at all for us. We get a maximum
wage of Rs.60 per day at times but most of the times our daily wage is only
Rs.30 per day. We don’t know what to do,” they told her saying there is no one
to listen to their problems.

A moved Sharmila told
them not to worry and promised them that things would be alright for them if
YSRCP comes to power and Jagan becomes the CM.

Sharmila also promised
to render financial help for B. Tech student Manjunath Reddy who has been
suffering with a bone marrow disease. Sharmila asked him to meet MLA Gurunath Reddy
in this connection.

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