Account of Funds Swallowed

Hyderabad:YSRCP MLA
Giddi Eshwari commented that the Government’s statement regarding sanctioning
lakhs of rupees for NTR Jalasiri scheme was totally untrue. She said that the
scheme was nowhere seen to have been implemented. She mentioned that just one
bore had been dug in the name of Indira Jalaprabha at Gabbangi of Paderu mandal
and records had been manipulated to show its expenditure as Rs.50 lakh, while
the actual expenditure was Rs.1 lakh. She questioned the relevant minister and
the Government how this was possible.

condemned the misuse of crores of rupees of funds by the political
representatives and the officials in the name of tribal people. She complained
not showing agriculture land anywhere to the tribal people for cultivation. She
revealed that Janmabhoomi committees were taking whole control of NTR Jalasiri
scheme. Eshwari added that the officials were even scared of revealing the
details of this issue. A committee had to be formed to investigate the misuse
of funds and action should be taken against the corrupt leaders and officials. Demanded
Giddi Eshari. 

Pushpa Srivani
(MLA of Kurupam)

Kurupam constituency’s MLA of YSRCP Pushpa
Srivani brought to the notice of the assembly the drought situated in her
constituency. She complained that the officials, upon being questioned about
action taken regarding prevention of the drought in 5 mandals, were presenting two-year
old proposals. When further questioned, they were stating that they had not
received funds from the Government, revealed Pushpa Srivani. She informed that
107 bore wells had been proposed for the said 5 mandals and only Rs.58 lakh had
been allocated for the same. She stated that application had been filed for the
sanction of funds under NRDWF for water tanks for 307 pipelines and that it was
saddening to hear from the officials that funds had not been received for this
too. Srivani demanded that the Government looked into this issue and sanction
funds at least now.

Mustafa (MLA
of Guntur East)

YSRCP MLA Mustafa criticized the Government’s
failure to provide even a drop of water in spite of taking up drinking water
projects two years back with the Rs.423 crore of money borrowed from the World
Bank. He mentioned that the project’s time limit also was exceeded. He
commented that engineers lo Mega and NCC companies had dug holes everywhere in
Guntur and left them unfinished or had covered them without installing pipelines.
He appealed to the Government to see that the work was done by the concerned
officials at least now.


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