5th Phase Of Raithu Bharosa Yatra In Ananthapuram

  • Commencement
    from the 1st of June
  • Schedule
    finalized for the 5th phase of the yatra: YSRCP’s district president
    Sankar Narayana
  • Chandrababu
    is practicing degraded politics
  • People
    will teach the Government a lesson: YSRCP MLA Visweswar Reddy
  • Ananthapuram:
    leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan is all set to go on Raithu
    Bharosa Yatra in Ananthapuram district, which is scheduled to happen as the 5th
    installment of the yatra from the 1st of June. The district’s party
    president Sankar Narayana and MLA Visweswar Reddy revealed the details of the
    tour at the party’s local office.

    The Raithu Bharosa Yatra will commence from the 1st
    of June. YS Jagan will meet and console the bereaved families of the farmers in
    Tadiparthi and Kadiri constituencies, who had committed suicide due to the
    burden of debts. They reminded that YS Jagan had already gone on 4 phases of
    Raithu Bharosa Yatra earlier. This yatra is intended to comfort the bereaved
    families of the farmers and assure support to them. Then he will also meet
    other farmers’ families. They called for the leaders and the activists in these
    two constituencies to make this yatra a success.

    Comments against YS Jagan in Mahanadu are unjust: MLA
    Visweswar Reddy

    YSRCP MLA Visweswar Reddy
    mentioned that TDP leaders had hept chanting the names if YS Rajasekhar Reddy
    and YS Jagan during the three days of Mahanadu. Speaking to the media at the
    district’s party office, he mentioned that TDP leaders had taken the mention of
    their names at least 800 times during Mahanadu programme. He ridiculed that Chandrababu
    might be taking the mention of YS Jagan’s name even in his sleep.

    He slammed TDP leaders for
    criticising YS Jagan while he was fighting against the atrocious rule in AP. He
    condemned not discussing the state’s developmental activities in Mahanadu and
    using the time only for criticising YSRCP. He commented that Babu was doing
    this in an attempt to cover up his corruption.

    Visweswar Reddy
    complained that TDP leaders had chosen to pass unjust comments again YS Jagan
    and opposition YSRCP rather than to discuss issues like special status. He
    slammed the Government for not realizing any of the promises mentioned in their
    election manifesto in spite of two years of completion of their tenure. He
    blamed TDP for falsely boasting to have done certain things. Visweswar Reddy
    commented that the Government had been spending crores of rupees in the name of
    capital city construction. He remarked that attempt to nominate a fourth member
    for Rajya Sabha elections was proving Babu’s degraded politics. He cautioned
    that people of the state were observing all these misdeeds and would soon teach
    TDP and Babu a lesson. Participating in this meeting was Raptadu constituency’s
    coordinator Topudurthi Prakash Reddy among others.

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