4 MLAs heckle at their expulsion by Botcha

Hyderabad, Feb 2, 2013:
Hours after PCC chief Botcha Satyanarayana said the party had expelled nine
MLAs for violating party discipline, four of them said the Congress party was a
sinking boat and people had already expelled it.

Darsi MLA B.
Sivaprasada Reddy, Addanki MLA Gottipati Ravikumar, Bobbili MLA Sujaya Krishna
Ranga Rao and Machilipatnam MLA Perni Nani said they had long ago left the
Congress party and the question of their expulsion from the party didn’t arise
at all.

The four of them said
they had already come out of the Congress party to show their solidarity to the
YSR family which has been facing political vendetta at the hands of the
Congress Government.

Darsi MLA B. Sivaprasada
Reddy said he had resigned from the Congress one-and-a-half –year ago and was
continuing in the YSR Congress Party and indicated that several ministers and
MLAs would soon quit the sinking boat of the Congress and join YSRCP. “People know
very well that the Congress has joined hands with TDP in the Cooperative
elections”, he said.

Addanki MLA Gottipati
Ravikumar questioned the credentials of his expulsion as he had long ago come
out of the Congress Party. “I am a fan of Dr. YSR and people had already
expelled the Congress party as it had joined hands with TDP. The days are not
far off when people teach a lesson to the Congress,” he said.

Bobbili MLA Sujaya
Krishna Ranga Rao also said he quit as Congress MLA 8 months ago in the
Speaker’s format unable to bear the harassment being meted out to Sri Y. S.
Jagan Mohan Reddy and the dilution of the YSR’s welfare schemes. “Botcha’s
statement on expulsion is highly ridiculous,” he observed.

Machilipatnam MLA Perni
Nani said he quit as the party whip in the assembly and also from the party on
Jan 24 to stand by the YSR family. “By making a statement that I have been
expelled, the Congress leaders are only getting some mental happiness. I will
continue to stand by Sri Jagan Mohan Reddy to fulfill the aspirations of Dr. YSR,”
he said.



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