15 deadly sins .... 15 months regime:

There is not even one good thing to tell under the
administration of  Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu in the State. But, he
committed many sins and played with the lives of people.

Let's look at the 15 as sample

1. Agricultural loan waiver was promised to farmers, however
after he came to power the promises are left to air. Without any support, the
farmers are struck in the whirlpool of debts. Hundreds of farmers committed
suicide. Is this not the sin of Chandrababu?

2. Killing 20 kulis, brutally in the Seshachalam forests while
saving  the smugglers... this credit goes to Babu.

3. Betrayed DWCRA women by promising about the loan waiver.
Previously, the women were happy with what they earned and were economically
independent.. but now they are immersed in debts.

4. To shoot short film, the piligrims were stopped for hours ..
  and  28 people were killed in a stampede of Godavari pushkaralu.. 

5. Grabbing thousands of acres of land from the farmers and
donating thousands of acres of land to Singapore companies where the capital is
sold in bulk to foreign companies.

6. Saying about women protection, he climbed to the post of CM,
while there is no protection for women, where a women Tehsaldar is attacked by
the yellow party. 

 7. For the sake of commission, the project of Pattiseema
was brought while the Godavari District farmers are left to Sea.

8. Chandrababus shameless corruption of buying the MLAs in the
election, is revealed in the scam of Crores of rupees and he was caught in it.
This laid a path for severe hatred and disturbances between the two states.

9. Though promises were made to give jobs for the
unemployed, the reverse is happening. where the employees are removed out of

10. While many students are committing suicides and dying in the
educational institutions of Minister Narayan, what is the reason for not taking
any action? 

11.  Rishiteswaris suicide is also not bothering you and
the reason for her death is also not concerned to you. 

 12. Promises were made that houses will be constructed for
the weaker section of  people during elections. However, the credit of not
constructing a single house, credit goes to Chandrababu.

13. Five thousand acres of land is grabbed under the name of
Bhogapuram airport and the land is used for real estate business by Naidu and

14. The credit of hurting and deceiving farmers in the name of
land pooling  goes to Babu.

15. Stating and promoting about self as a special government,
leaving the State in debts, but able to maintain aircrafts for foreign trips,
this credit goes to you.  Sending the TDP MPs and letting the Central
government that special package is fine instead of Special status... This  credit goes to Chandrababu only.... 

If you can add all these crimes, a television
serial can be made. So, these 15 crimes are considered as 15 curses given to



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