YSRCP MLA Files Complaint With Chief Electoral Officer

YSR Congress party  MLA Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy

Amaravati: YSR Congress party (YSRCP)  MLA Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy  filed a complaint with  the Chief  Electoral Officer in Amaravati appraising him about how the  Telugu Desam Party (TDP)  leaders were removing the  YSRCP supporters names from the electoral rolls .

In  the complaint he mentioned that more than 150 voters' names from each booth in the Chandragiri constituency were missing. Speaking to the media after submitting his complaint, the Chandragiri MLA remarked that he had submitted evidence about the persons who were behind this incident and mentioned that almost 14,000 votes had been removed in the constituency of Chandragiri by the TDP leaders.

The YSRCP MLA also observed that the removal of voters names  also took place on the lines of caste basis, who were  against the TDP. Another fact was that the TDP leaders were trying to add 13,000 fake votes in the same constituency, he said and was assured by the Electoral officer that a probe would be conducted and stringent action would be taken against the offenders in the case, Chevireddy  Bhaskar Reddy concluded.

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