YSRCP firm on exposing graft in TDP

Amaravati: TDP’s base was shaken with the arrest of three TDP leaders and this is just a beginning under the YSRCP government which is firm on arresting all the corrupt leaders and presenting them before court, said YSRCP MLA Ambati Rambabu.

Speaking to media here on Monday, Rambabu said that ever since YSRCP has come to power Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is ensuring transparency in the governance and firm on exposing the corruption that had taken place during the TDP rule. Former Minister Atchennaidu in the previous TDP government was involved in Rs 150 crore medical scam. Moreover, the arrest of JC Diwakar Reddy's associates was made for operating buses with forged documents and for not taking safety measures while plying buses. All these irregularities took place with Naidu’s compliancr  during his tenure, he said.

TDP chief Naidu and his son Lokesh are politicising these issues by adding caste colour to them and terming them as being done with political vengeance, he said.

YSRCP has no interest in taking political vengeance against TDP which has only 23 seats in the legislative assembly and the party is on the verge of extinction. Like Congress, TDP will also vanish from the state, he added.

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