Disha App To Be Launched Soon

AMARAVATI: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has directed the officials to take necessary steps for the proper implementation of the Disha Act in the right earnest and said Disha app would be introduced soon and the forensic lab strength would be increased by four times.

Talking to the officials on Thursday during the review meeting on implementation of Disha Act, the Chief Minister asked the officials to ensure that there should be no chance for inverse statements on the implementation of the Disha Act. The officials have discussed various legal and police actions to be taken on the Disha Act.

In the review meeting, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said to officials ‘Many are working against the government. Do remember that we are fighting against TDP and its supporting media.’

For the implementation of the Disha Act, the Chief Minister has given instant orders for the budget to set up dedicated courts in all the 13 districts.

He asked the officials to deposit the required amount within a week for establishing courts; Officials mentioned that Rs 2 crore would be required for each court. He asked the officials to complete the recruitment of 13 public prosecutors as soon as possible.

For strengthening forensic labs capacity by four times, the Chief Minister approved for establishing another two forensic labs at Visakhapatnam and Tirupati. The DGP had mentioned 176 posts would be required for the staff in the new forensic labs and the Chief Minister said to issue notification for the same in January.

The Chief Minister was keen on facilitating all the requirements for the implementation of the Disha Act and up-gradation of the women police stations.He approved the DGP' s proposal of 18 women police stations with 1 DSP, 3 SIs and 4 support staff. The Chief Minister agreed for the grant of funds for the infrastructure facilities in the police stations.

The Chief Minister ordered the officials to strengthen the one-stop centers established in every district and directed them to appoint one woman SI along with the existing staff.

The DGP said that the Suraksha Spandana app for the women to report on atrocities. He said that 86 services would be available by this and the app would be launched soon. It was decided to integrate 100, 112 numbers.

The Chief Minister directed the officials to bring a separate app; Disha app and for the same, he approved for the grant of funds. He also suggested the officials for the appointing a woman IPS officer for the Disha Act and all the 18 women police stations would be under the IPS control.

The Chief Minister ordered the officials to prepare the standard operating procedure for the Disha Act and instructed the officials to complete all the programs as soon as possible.

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