Atchannaidu is encouraging rowdy politics 

YSRCP Srikakulam Parliamentary District President Tamineni Sitaram

Tekkali: YSRCP Srikakulam Parliamentary District President Tamineni Sitaram, PAC member Dharmana Krishnadas, Srikakulam Parliament coordinator Duvvada Srinivas, Tekkali coordinator Perada Tilak demanded TDP Minister Atchannaidu to be named as accused 1 and his follower Boina Ramesh as accused 2, for promoting attacks on YSRCP activists.

A section of the Telugu Desam Party leaders attacked the YSR Congress party office in Srikakulam district on Thursday were six YSRCP activists were injured.

Following this, the YSRCP organised a peace rally as a protest against the TDP attacks in Kotabommali on Friday.

The injured activists in the attack also participated in the peace rally which continued from party office to Kotabommali and Kothapeta.

However, with a few TDP activists interfering in the rally, the situation turned violent. The YSRCP leaders and activists expressed their displeasure over the police attempts to stop the rally and bandh which they were conducting peacefully.

The YSRCP leaders stated that Minister Atchannaidu is encouraging rowdy politics in Kotabommali with the help of his followers. They further said that the Minister is yielding to such acts, fearing defeat. Warning of consequences if they destroy the peace of Kotabommali, the YSRCP leader demanded the immediate arrest of the TDP leaders who were involved in the attack and also stated that they would intensify their protests if immediate actions were not taken.

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