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Chandrababu Promotes Andhra A "Liquor Full" State

Published on : 17-12-17 | 13:32

Chandrababu Naidu's promise to free the state from liquor menace by abolishing the belt shops was  remained a piped dream for the last four years.  

Throwing all promises to the winds, the chief minister was promoting liquor consumption in a big way to fill the coffers. The revenue target through liquor sales from Rs 11,000 crore to Rs 17, 000 crore gave a clear indication that AP will stand number one in liquor consumption in the country soon. 

The establishment of 9 depots in addition to the existing 23 depots, opening permit rooms at all 4,800 licenced liquor shops and liquor import from neighbouring states were among the important initiatives taken by Chandrababu to double liquor sales this year.  

The TDP government concentrated only on revenue generation by forgetting the people’s plights. Not a single issue mainly waiver of loans, disbursement of pensions to the eligi
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