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Chandrababu Forged Secret Pact With BJP & Congress

Published on : 19-07-18 | 12:33

The fast changing political developments gave clear indication that Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu forged secret political understanding with BJP and also Congress to mortgage the state interests. 

It was Chandrababu who supported bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh and to win elections he joined hands with BJP which has deceived Andhra people by rejecting the demand for special status.  The fresh political move to seek no confidence motion against BJP government and the immediate acceptance of the Lok Sabha Speaker exposed the hidden political agenda of both TDP and BJP in the Parliament. 

The ruling BJP denied several times to accept the no trust motion moved by YSR Congress in the last session.  The ruling BJP already targeted YSR Congress for announcing not to vote in support of BJP backed Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha elections to be held soon. 

Chandrababu cursed Congress for four years on the injustice meted out to Andhra.  The same leader supported Congress in the recently held Karnataka elections.  He is also planning to enter poll alliance with Congress in next elections.  

Leaders said that Chandrababu's opportunistic politics dented already the prospects of Andhra development due to rejection of special status to the residuary state of Andhra Pradesh. On the pretext of fight for special status,  the TDP Chief entered secret political understanding with two national parties and hoodwinked people.  

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