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A New Act Everyday

Published on : 07-01-17 | 16:22

  • Schemes to boost publicity
  • Pensions do not reach bank accounts
  • e-pass machines not yet working in villages
  • Another publicity game in the name of mobile banking

Everything Babu does is out of his craving for publicity. Staring things pompously, quitting them half way through and publicizing his acts in the newspapers of his favour have become a habit to him. This was his routine when he had been the CM earlier, but now growing technology has added to it.

When technology was just budding, Eenadu paper used to write things about him and people used to believe in whatever it said. Unlike that, now everybody has access to the internet. People are slamming lies on social media. Within no time, evidences of misdeeds are reaching people. Media platforms like Whatsapp and Facebook are carrying things virally. The technology that Babu always brags about is itself hitting him hard.

Recently, on the occasion of groundbreaking ceremony of a lift irrigation scheme at Mucchumarri of Kurnool district, while a Dalit MLA of YSRCP was addressing the gathering, access to microphone was cut in an insulting manner. This met with serious criticism from people. The way the video that had Jaleel Khan saying he had studied physics in B.Com. went viral, reaching lakhs pf people in just a few hours.

Nobody escapes harassment from Babu

Chandrababu is an expert at exploiting people for his benefits. He exploited VROs and pensioners for pensions, common people for surveys, Anganwadis, students and bankers in the name of mobile banking, IAS and IPS officers in the name of video conferences, the police in the name of useless publicity tours, engineers at Polavaram for repeated groundbreaking ceremonies, white ration card-holders and ration shop owners with dysfunctional e-pass machines, DWCRA women in the name of waiver of their loans, ASHA workers in the name of vaccination and many more classes of people. The exploitation also gives more importance to publicity rather than actual work.

Mobile banking where there is no phone signal?!

Chandrababu implements a new scheme every day and changes rules one day after the other. Pensioners are directly given money a month and the next month, it gets deposited in their bank accounts. Accounts were said to be mandatory. But depositing does not happen perfectly. He promotes technology in his speeches. The tabs given to VROs do not work. In villages that even lack phone signals, VROs’ tabs cannot identify fingerprints, but people are expected to take money after giving their finger prints. They are waiting there for hours every day, losing their daily wages. In light of demonetization, the money was deposited in their accounts one month, but then later the situation is back to square one.

Many pensioners migrate to other places in search of livelihood. Depositing their pension in their accounts will benefit them, but the Government lacks the consideration.

Chandrababu has further handed over the duty of sanction of pensions to Janmabhoomi Committees, who are then taking things into their own hands. Now he is insisting everyone on utilizing mobile banking and performing cashless transactions. Lack of proper functioning of e-pass machines introduced, is making people stand in lines in front of ration shops in both urban and rural areas.

There is hardly any response even after the leader of opposition and YSRCP president, YS Jagan mentioned all these problems in the assembly. Software problems failed to get any mention until now. His target is only at publicity. After earning resistance from people in his 2.5 years of rule, he is in a state where people are waiting to teach him a lesson.

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