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No Address For 2-Bedroom Houses

Published on : 12-01-17 | 13:33

  • Development pushed back by publicity craze
  • Babu’s deceitful governance
  • NTR Gruha Nirmana Pathakam pompously unveiled on Ambedkar Jayanthi
  • Foundation stones masked by cobwebs

Chandrababu says something and does something else. He boasts as if he is the brand ambassador of peace and piousness, but in action, he is not even close to what he projects. Campaign promises like loan waiver and employment creation have been left untouched. Another such promise is construction of pakka houses. He promised to move all poor people into pakka houses. On Ambedkar Jayanthi, he unveiled NTR Gruha Nirmana Pathakam, but hardly got any houses built.

Six lakh 2-bedroom houses were promised by him with an expenditure of Rs.16,000 crore on the 125th birth anniversary of Dr. BR Ambedkar, during the groundbreaking ceremony performed at Jakkampudi of Vijayawada Rural mandal on the 14th of April in 2016.

Under NTR rural and urban house construction schemes, 4 lakh new houses and renovation of 2 lakh old houses were promised. He revealed his plan to use new technology not even used in countries like Singapore, Malaysia and China for the construction of these 2-bedroom houses. Following this, TDP leaders got old houses in many areas of the state demolished and laid foundation stones for new houses in that place.

Following his stale formula ‘Start it and set it aside’, Chandrababu put this scheme aside. The silver lining to this is that only one groundbreaking ceremony was done instead of repeated ceremonies like for Amaravathi and Polavaram project.

While 43 lakh houses were built under YSR’s tenure, Chandrababu is still in groundbreaking stage after 3 years.

Foundation stones with cobwebs

The foundation stones laid by TDP leaders in Jakkampudi as well as other places in the state are standing still with no development to witness. With new houses not being started and old houses demolished, many people are living in cattle sheds and huts. Not even one house has been built after TDP came to power. At least the selection of beneficiaries has not been done. Under Indiramma scheme, 44.8 lakh houses have been sanctioned in the past, among which 25.63 lakh have been completed. But as bills were not sanctioned by TDP, 19.16 lakh houses were stopped uncompleted. Due to this, many colonies in the state are seen as skeletons.

What happened to the Rs.350 crore?

Under ‘House for All’ scheme, in 2015–16, the centre allocated 1,93,647 houses to poor people in 37 urban areas of AP. Until now, only 35,510 have been sanctioned houses officially, but permission has not been sanctioned. The state has decided to get these houses built under NTR house construction scheme. The centre has already sanctioned Rs.350 crore for this project. With no house built, the state Government is answerable to the centre for all the funds.

Delay in selection of beneficiaries

Certain ruling party MLAs expressed their helplessness in selecting beneficiaries for the houses, despite funds being allocated by the centre, due to the intervention of Janmabhoomi Committees. It has been four months since the CM said that he would decide and announce wat kind of parametres should be used for the construction of the houses, but there is no noise from that side ever since.

Newer promises

Despite not keeping the promise of getting houses built, Chandrababu has made a new promise to get apartments built in villages through NTR housing. In Janmabhoomi-Maa ooru meeting held at Chennur village of Guduru mandal of Nellore district, he made this new promise. Stating that a new fibre connection would be available in the state soon and every house would become a treasure of knowledge, he said that the project worth Rs.5,000 crore had been completed in just Rs.330 crore.

He also promised a smart phone for every house, with Rs.1000 expenditure from the customer and Rs.1000 from the Government. He also stated that the Government would be beside every person from birth to death. Trickery and bluff work are hidden talents of Babu and he is using them to the core, much to people’s disgust.

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