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Jagan Mamayya assures bright future for children

Published on : 15-11-18 | 17:33

YS Jagan spells dogged determination, unwavering dedication and unswerving courage. His patience, perseverance and perspective are legion. It is these qualities that are endearing him to the young and old alike. His friendly smile, affectionate demeanor are winsome and reassuring. From infants to the elders, his soothing manner of speaking gives solace.

Ever since the game-changing yatra begun, children are flocking to him in a big way. They call him 'Mamayya,' (uncle) and he reciprocates with unstinted affection. The children hold placards for him, recite poems for him and wipe of sweat from his brow. He reciprocates by kissing them on the forehead and by blessing them. 

YS Jagan wants this unstinted affection from the children and reassures that he will stand for their better future and great present. He has given them Amma Vodi scheme, which enables the Government to bear the educational expenses of the children. This scheme will provide succor to the mothers of children of school-able age. He is telling women to send their wards to schools and that he would take care of their education.

Of course, the state knows that if YS family gives a word, it will do everything it can to keep the word.
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