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Farmers laud YS Jagan's pro-agriculture schemes

Published on : 22-02-18 | 11:01

The farmers are expressing happiness at the pro-farmer schemes that YSRCP chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is announcing. The farmers are welcoming these schemes and are recalling the regime of late YSR. They say the farmers were happy during YSR’s time and now the times have changed and things have gone worse ever since Chandrababu came to power.

The farmers are also appreciating YS Jagan’s efforts to interact with the farmers by organizing farmers’ conclaves and elicit their opinions on various issues. They strongly feel that the Rajanna era will return only when YS Jagan comes to power.

The farmers feel that YS Jagan’s assurance that he would complete all the pending irrigation project and provide uninterrupted power for nine hours to the farm sector is laudable. YS Jagan’s assurance of giving Rs 12500 input subsidy and the promise of assured purchase of the produce will provide succour to the hapless farmer. 
They say this will inspire confidence in them. They hope that YS Jagan’s rule would be excel even his father’s rule.

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