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Babu gives blushes to Chameleon

Published on : 08-10-18 | 15:54

AP is witnessing a strange spectacle these days. While YS Jagan’s yatra is turning into an unstoppable Juggernaut, Chandrababu is excelling in the game of double talk and deviousness. He is tying himself into knots with his contradictory statements and confusing comments. He is coming out with one political machination after the other.

Initially, he was the best chum of the BJP. But, with the BJP not allowing him to have his way, he moved away from it. He realized that the BJP under Modi-Amit Shah is made of a different stuff. He realized it is neither pliable nor amiable. Chandrababu found that the new age BJP is combative and aggressive to the core and will not allow his plans to turn it into a mere wagging tail. Modi, unlike Vajpayee, treated him with the ‘respect’ he deserves. Even when Chandrababu went out of the way to prostrate before Modi, the latter did not give him any importance.

So, after praising Modi to no end, he has parted company and started attacking him. This made Chandrababu a laughing stock. But, Babu did not learn any lesson. He is now accusing Modi of plotting to oust him and arrest him.
So, now Chandrababu is just resorting to mudslinging on the YSRCP. He wants to divert the attention of the people from his failures on Polavaram and Amaravati by attacking the YSRCP and the BJP. He may be wearing white, but his deeds are black. He now has aligned with both the very Congress that wreaked havoc in Andhra Pradesh. For Babu, these things do not matter.

 All that matters is remaining in power and winning the elections by hook or crook. Babu is beating chameleon in its game – changing of colours.

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